Fin. (Jack The Ripper, Part 3 with special guest The Corpse Review)

In 1888, in the Whitechapel district of London, a strange and awful series of events occurred. Women began turning up dead and graphically mutilated right out in the open air. It wasn’t long before these horrific murders were all linked to the same unknown man, a man in dark coat and a hat, a man who targeted female sex workers who were down on their luck, a man who would come to be known as, Jack The Ripper. This is it fiends, the granddaddy of all true crime cases and we are diving deep, but not just into “Jack”, into the women who’s lives he tragically cut short.

This is it fiends, the finale of our Ripper coverage! This week we examine the police investigation, evidence and suspects to try and figure out just who Jack the Ripper was, and then we take all of this information to an expert. Our special guest, forensic scientist The Corpse Reviewer, breaks down the science of death for us, and helps shed some light on what exactly the ripper crime scenes do and don’t reveal. Links to the Instagram accounts at which our guest is an active contributor, “The Corpse Review” and “Bride of the Corpse Review” are below! We hope you enjoyed this intense deep dive into the most famous serial killer of all time.



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