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There’s nothing that creeps our hosts out more than demonic possession. October is all about scares though, so this week we decided to wade back into those holy and turbulent waters, and what better way to do that then in another installment of our Based on a true story series! This episode we will be telling you the true stories behind two of the scariest films ever made, both of which are about a possession. 

Leslie brings us the true story behind the Netflix horror film, Veronica. Veronica was loosely based on “The Vallecas Case”, which refers to the town in Spain where it occurred, but the story is that of a young woman named Estefania Gutierrez.  Estefania’s terrifying behavior and unexplained sudden death left not only her family, but also Spanish authorities wondering if this otherwise healthy young woman could have simply passed away out of nowhere, or if perhaps, there were darker forces at hand. 


Holly will be digging into the true story behind the iconic horror film, one that many people refer to as the scariest movie of all time, The Exorcist. For years it was relatively common knowledge that Regan MacNeil was based on a young boy referred to as Roland Doe who lived in Maryland and underwent a dramatic exorcism in the late 1940’s. Less than a year ago Roland Doe’s true name and story were finally uncovered and today holly will let you in on the whole truth. If those terrifying tales aren’t enough to keep the lights on in your house tonight, we also have a couple listener stories about Ouija boards that are sure to do the trick. Happy Haunting!


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The Ouija that unleashed the nightmare. The Vallecas case by Alberto Romero

The Vallecas Case

The Vallecas Case Demonic Possession



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