Brilliant and Terrible (Jolly Jane)

Jolly Jane Toppan was a bubbly nurse and caregiver who was know in the late 1800’s Boston area for her extreme compassion and dedication to her patients. Jane was a natural fit to take care of the sick and elderly, as she was patient and always in a good mood. Her kind eyes, matronly appearance and jovial smile made Jane easy to trust and a breath of fresh air in the cold clinical light of a hospital, it was so nice to have a person as caring as Jane in their corner in what would often be the last moments of there life. Therein lied the problem for Jane, it seemed that more and more of her patients were winding up dead. By the time Jane was apprehended she confessed to over 30 murders though most suspect it could be more. Join us for this exploration a seldom discussed character in the true crime sphere, the serial killing woman. 



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