Discord (The Mishandled Murder of Bianca Devins)

Discord: D I S C O R D. A lack of agreement or harmony. A combination of sounds that strikes the ear harshly. Discord.

6:45 AM, on July 14th 2019. The eastern united states is beginning to wake up and scroll through their social media. The day was warm and sunny and a group of young adults in Utica New York was about to unwillingly witness a step by step account of a terrible murder. 

After a series of cryptic posts on Instagram from the user @yesjuliet and similar posts on Discord from the user @aperatia, both accounts (same user) posted a picture of a beautiful young girl lying dead in his car. The user was a man named Brandon Andrew Clark, and friends and internet acquaintances immediately recognized the girl as Bianca Michelle Devins. 

This week’s case takes us on a journey through every parents worst nightmare. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the internet is a scary place.



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48 hours episode

Rolling Stone “17 year old girl was murdered. How did photos of her death go viral?”

* no more links this week. We don’t want to inadvertently lead you to traumatic photos that do not belong online.



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