Drink Me (Black Widow Stacey Castor)

On Monday August 21’st 2005, two Onodoga County NY police officers respondrd to a 911 call from a woman named Stacey Castor. Stacey presented an unusual story about her husband locking himself in their bedroom and refusing to come out. When police kicked down the door and made their way into said bedroom, they discovered David Castor, facedown on a filthy mattress, completely naked, dead. A glass of bright green antifreeze sat on his bedside table. It seemed pretty obvious to everyone what had happened. David completed suicide, leaving his devastated wife and their blended family of three behind. Something just wasn’t right about this crime scene though, and it would take 3 years for officers to find out exactly what it was.

 In this episode we explore the slow and painful process of antifreeze poisoning, naked suicide and why it’s a red flag, Black Widows of all kinds, and the story of a woman who seemed to have everything but chose to destroy it all…. twice. 


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20/20 episode

Naked Suicide

Killer Wives: 8 Most Infamous Black Widow Murderers


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