Hopelessly Devoted (The murder of Dr. Joseph Sonnier)

It’s a Leslie-sode!!! Happy New Years and welcome back after our little holiday break. We have a case filled with twists and turns. So settle in, because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Dr. Joseph Sonnier was a well respected pathologist from Lubbock, Texas who was found shot and stabbed in his home on July 11th, 2012. Investigators quickly theorized this had not been a robbery gone wrong, but a personal attack. But who would want the doctor dead and why? With a list of family and friends to talk to, investigators were left with more questions than answers. Someone had to know something, and luckily someone did…


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Inside Texas Doctor’s Plot to Kill Rival Doctor in Love Triangle

Day Twelve: Thomas Dixon Murder Trial, Sonnier autopsy results revealed

Where Is Ex-Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon Now?

Dateline NBC: Lone Star Obssession

The Murder Project 


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