Mother May I? (Love Has Won Cult)

On April 28th 2021, Miguel Lamboy walked into the Saguache county police department and told officers that he had returned from spending a night out of town to discover a dead body in his home. The body was on and bed, it appeared to have been dead for quite some time, it was wrapped in sleeping bags and Christmas lights and covered in glitter. Miguel said that he expected the body was that of a 45 year old woman named Lia Carlson, also known as Amy Carlson, but better known as Mother God, the leader of a group he belonged to known simply as “Love Has Won”.

In the investigation that followed authorities uncovered a bizarre new age cult who’s beliefs combined homeopathic healing, faith healing, astrology, reincarnation theories Christianity, Buddhism, new age mysticism and every conspiracy the internet has to offer. The cult, then called “Love Had Won” used dangerous tactics to keep their members loyal, and daily YouTube live streams to recruit new followers / customers. 

This week we go down the extreme internet rabbit hole that is a modern cult, and introduce you to a frightening woman many knew only as “Mother God”. 

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5d Full Disclosure official website

Original Love Has Won website (archived)

5D Full Disclosure official YouTube

Love Has Won Vice Documentary

Amy Carlson and family on Dr. Phil

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