Murder House (The Los Feliz Murder Mansion)

Deep in the Hollywood Hills lies the stunning neighborhood of Los Feliz. There you’ll find a diverse array of beautiful homes ranging from charming little bungalows to sprawling early 20th century Spanish revival mansions all tucked neatly into palm tree lined streets and sloping hills. In the middle of all this beautiful real estate sits one such mansion, long since abandoned but never empty, 2475 Glendower Place is a testament to our fascination with murder and the paranormal,  it is both a legend and a nightmare.

On December 7th 1959 Dr. Harold Perelson woke up early to commit an unthinkable and bloody act. Since that day, 2475 Glendower Place has sat unoccupied, frozen in time, blood spatter still on the walls, dishes still in the sink. But why? Why would no one live in this gorgeous estate? Why did all the Perelson’s belongings stay put? And why, did Dr. Harold Perelson do what he did. This week, we’ll find out the answers to those questions and so much more. It’s Murder house week fiends!

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The Los Feliz Murder Mansion Podcast

The Murder House by Jeff Maysh

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