Prima Belladona (Part 1: Giulia Tofana)

We wanted to end women’s history month with a bang, so we decided to deliver this much requested case in a way you’ve probably never heard it before, the way it actually happened. What was once thought to be the story of one woman, is actually that of a mother daughter dynasty. Poison artisans Giulia Tofana and Gironima Spana took all the power held hostage in their time by men and placed it in the hands of women. Join us as we go deep into the rise and fall of the world’s most infamous poison and sought after skin care line: Aqua Tofana.


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*The Black Widows of the Eternal City: The True Story of Rome’s Most Infamous Prisoners

A famous and incredibly thorough article by Mike Dash

Leiden Medievalists Blog – Female Make Up and Beauty Standards of the 1600s

Evie Magazine – The Weird and Dangerous Beauty Standards of Renaissance Italy

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