Ride or Die (Bonnie & Clyde)

“You’ve read the story of Jesse James
Of how he lived and died;
If you’re still in need
Of something to read,
Here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.


Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang,
I’m sure you all have read
How they rob and steal
And those who squeal
Are usually found dying or dead.”

 – Bonnie Parker, 1934

Ok fiends it’s time for a classic! In honor of Leslie’s wedding this week we will be telling the ultimate story of true love and true crime. This is the story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, who robbed and murdered their way through their early twenties before dying in a haze of bullets. Bonnie and Clyde were young, gorgeous, and deadly. We hope you enjoy this thorough exploration into true crime’s most infamous couple!


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