Slenderman Stabbing update (An Interview With Andrew Jarema)

This week, we have an update, and an exciting interview for you! We brought on our friendly neighborhood mental healthcare professional, Andrew Jarema, to discuss the recent possibility of Slenderman stabbing perpetrator, Anissa Weier’s parole. If you are unfamiliar with the Slenderman stabbing, please refer back to episode 4 of this podcast, we’ll catch you up.

 This is a very complex topic with no concrete answers. When a child commits a crime, everybody loses, and they lose for a long time. It’s easy to pass judgement on an adult attempted murderer, but when it’s a child everything changes. In this interview we explore what happens after a child is convicted, where their place in the world can be, and how we continue to evaluate their evolving mind. Should a child ever be put away forever? Who has the capacity for change and how do we judge? Enter this one with an open mind and your compassion umbrella at the ready. Andrew was wonderful and really shed some light on this very murky issue for us. We hope you learn as much as we did, and enjoy!



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