The Boogeyman (Albert Fish)

*Graphic Content Warning* This one is not for the feint of heart or weak of stomach.

On June 3rd 1928, ten year old Grace Budd left her family home in Manhattan with a friendly old man who had promised her mother he was taking her to a birthday party. The old man had offered Grace’s brother a job on his farm in Farmingdale the week before. His name was Mr. Howard, and his soft voice, generosity and grandfatherly manner made it easy for little Grace to trust him. Unfortunately Grace would never return from this trip, and the police would reveal that a farm owner named “Mr. Howard” never existed. The five year search to find Grace and her killer would open the most vile can of worms in American true crime history. Albert Fish was the monster under the bed. The most terrifying man to ever lurk in the shadows. All of his other nicknames, “The Werewolf of Wisteria”, “The Brooklyn Vampire”, “The Moon Maniac”, fail to capture what he was. Only one title truly fits him, Albert Fish was The Boogeyman. 

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