Tornado (Tommy Lynn Sells, Part 2)

What do a ceramic duck, watermelon plates, an episode of 20/20 and a bunk bed have in common? It may seem like nothing, but they’re are all integral turning points in one of the twistiest cases we have ever covered. Oh, and this one is extra shocking because it involves a serial killer Holly had never heard of…which doesn’t happen too often. 

In the second part of our deep dive into serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells we tell the incredible survival story of Krystal Surles, the most bad ass little girl to ever walk the planet. Krystal not only survived having her throat slit, but in the end she single handedly brought down a tornado of hate and violence, cheers Krystal, cheers forever! Then we tie it all together in one big horrifying bow. 

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CBS interview with Krystal, Marques and officer Johnny Allen

Tourists aid victim slashed in violent Fourth Street Live knife attack



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