We Still Won’t Be Dead (Covid-19 update, interviews with Dr. Lisa Di Enno and Dr. Stephen McBride)

Well fiends, this is an episode we sorely hoped we wouldn’t have to do, but here we are. With the rise of swirling misinformation, the delta variant, back to school looming in the not so distant future and a large amount of unvaccinated citizens folded inconspicuously into the population, it’s time once again, to talk about Covid-19. We brought back our doctor friends, Dr. Lisa Di Enno and Dr. Stephen McBride to answer all of your updated questions about Covid-19 and to give us some up to the minute information. This is a powerful listen fiends, you don’t know what things are really like until you sit down with a healthcare professional. It was illuminating to say the least. Please get vaccinated if you are able.

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